Smoking and hygiene

We are constantly reminded of the harm of smoking. There are 3 main negative influences of cigarette smoke on the oral cavity:

1. traumatizing the mucous membrane by toxic and hot smoke;

2. increase of the concentration of oxydation aggressive agents in the mucous membrane (more rapid aging of the tissue);

3. oppression of the local immunity and deterioration of the local blood circulation in the mucous membrane. It means that the risk of the complications development during dental implantation in oral cavity of a smoker is much higher.

Oral hygiene is extremely important when performing dental implantation. A dental implant cannot replace the tooth in the biological sense. You need to remember that the implant is a foreign particle in your body, and therefore, it needs to be taken care of rather well. Besides everyday teeth brushing, at least once per year professional oral hygiene has to be done. In other words, the accumulation of plague and tartar on the implant can lead to the loss of the latter.

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