Dereyko Larysa

Larysa Dereyko

Was born in the family of dentists.
Graduated from Lviv medical university, the faculty of dentistry.

Larysa Dereyko was born in the family of dentists. After graduating from Lviv National Medical University, she later earned PhD in Medical Science and became the associate professor of the therapeutic dentistry department at the University. A dentist of the highest category, Larysa Vasylivna is also the author of 68 scientific works and the head of the Ukrainian association of periodontologists. She successfully treats patients not only from Lviv and Lviv region but from all over Ukraine. Larysa Vasylivna always keeps her finger on the pulse of new achievements in the field taking part in various conferences and conducting seminars for the dentists. She also took a few practical courses in the USA.

Besides, Larysa Dereyko is a happy mother of two children and a grandmother of 4 beautiful grandchildren. The children, Taras Babych and Oksana Babych followed in their mother’s footsteps and opened dental clinics in the USA and Canada where they provide effective treatment for their patients.

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