More than 60 dentistry-doctors care about the health of your teeth!
Over 60 000 patients trust us!
​We have been taking care of your smiles for more than 20 years​!
We are one of the most powerful clinics in Ukraine, and the only international dental network in the country with branches in the USA and Canada, so we can set prices on treatment much lower than other clinics while maintaining the high quality and experience of the leading countries of the world!

Vlasnyk kliniky Taras Babych
The owner of the clinic,
dentist highest category Taras Babych

Charming smile “works” as a business card and provides 90% of success in any company. It’s important that your teeth are not only beautiful but also able to fully perform the function of chewing. The network of dental clinics “Parodent” provides all types of dental treatment.

Dental clinics of Lviv

Best dentistry of Lviv region is represented by a network of dental clinics “Parodent.” “Parodent” (Lviv, St. Hlyboka 4) was one of the first dental clinics in Ukraine that has been helping people to cope with the dental diseases for over 20 years! On the 10th anniversary, the clinics started a new Centre of Dentistry (Lychakivs’ka str., 52). On the 17th anniversary has been opened the third clinic (St.Tchaikovsky, 29). On the 21st anniversary, has been opened the fourth clinic (Shevchenko str., 87A). “Parodent” is a specialized clinic, doctors of which approach periodontal pathology comprehensively, considering all possible and available causes of the disease. Every doctor selects a special plan of treatment, that is the most effective and efficient for each patient.

Dentistry in “Parodent”

Nowadays, the quality of dentistry in Lviv with a guaranteed result is provided by a network of clinics “Parodent.” The success of your treatment doesn’t only depend on the doctor’s skills, but also on the cooperation with the patient.

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